Bruce Lee Quote



Bruce Lee Quote

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

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I’m a Toys R Us kid!


That doesn’t mean what you think it does.  Here’s my take on growing up.  I’m so happy for the kids who know what they want to be when they grow up.  Especially the ones that pursued their dreams and made them a reality.  Me on the other hand, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up AND I’M 55!  That’s why I love the beginning of the Toys R Us song.  “I don’t want to grow up….”  Anybody who has reached my age or older has an idea of what I’m talking about.  I still feel 25 years old but my body tells me different.

When I was in 2nd grade our teacher had us draw a picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up.  I drew a picture of a doctor.  I don’t know why.  I didn’t know what I wanted to be.  In 3rd grade I really started getting interested in ventriloquism and took 3rd place in a talent show.  Maybe I’ll be a ventriloquist when I grow up!  Then, around 5th grade I started liking magic and playing the trumpet.  Maybe a magician or musician.  Maybe I can be both, they’re almost spelled the same.

In high school I took basic classes and lots of band.  Music theory was one of my favorites and a really tough class.  I got an A. That’s because I loved music.  As a matter of fact I loved it so much that when I graduated I went to Kent for THEATER! Theater?  What was that all about?  Oh, my buddy Johnny Ace Palmer was in theater at Kent that’s why.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up.  Took some time off of school.  Got married to my beautiful wife Sue and my career went something like this although it may be a little off.

Reconditioner, Radio Shack, Car Sales, Radio Shack, Motorcycle Sales, Radio Shack, Champion Garden Center, Motorcycle Sales, Radio Shack (see a trend?), some where in there was a couple stints as a baker, Car Sales, Distribution Center, New Car Manager, Car Sales (see a trend?), Programmer/Owner/Creator/Designer/Sales,,, Internet Manager/F&I/Sales Manager, Internet/Advertising Manager.

Guess what, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!  I don’t even know if I want to grow up.  I think I just want to stay a Toys R Us kid! Someone pass the legos!!

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5 Mile High Terrors!


Let me start this by saying that I still hold true to my upbringing and my faith.  I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that he sent his son as an example and as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins so that we may spend eternity with our Heavenly Father.

Now on to the story.  When I was young I used to have what many call night terrors.  That is where you wake up screaming and don’t know what’s going on or where you were at. When I asked my mother how old I was when I first started having them she said, “Well, you were walking.” which makes me think that I was still pretty young.  She also mentioned that they were so bad that we lost babysitters over them.

As I got older I started remembering the dream that I was having while this was going on.  I was on an airplane, we were in trouble.  I was either the pilot or the copilot because all I can remember was yelling at the person who was assisting to not push the lever or the button or something bad was going to happen.  The dream was cloudy at best but I do remember that we were on a plane and that was going on.  I also remember that whoever I was talking to me didn’t listen and as we are going down I always would wake up and my mother would be right there comforting me.  Wiping my face.  Telling me everything was OK and she was there.

The last time I had the dream was when I was in Junior High School and decided to knock myself out and spend three days in Trumbull Memorial Hospital with a concussion.  I had it in the hospital.  One last time I dreamed that dream.  The night terror.  Maybe I should call it 5 Mile High Terror.  That would be a good name for a movie.  Yeah let’s call it that, 5 MILE HIGH TERROR.  Anyway, it was the last time I had the dream.

It wasn’t until about a year ago I started to question the dream.  I wonder why I had the dream and it was about that situation.  I never even flew in a plane until I was a Freshman in High School.  Long after the 5 mile high terrors had stopped.  So what was up with this dream?  Why was it a dream about the cockpit of an airplane?  So I did some research thanks to the internet.  What I found out was shocking.  Coincidence?  Probably.  Freaky?  ABSOLUTELY!!

On December 16th, 1960 (the day before I was born) there was a two plane accident.  The worst in US History at that point and many say the worst plane accident other than September 11th which we know was no accident.  Everyone on both planes died as well as some on the ground.  Could it be that I was a pilot on one of those planes?  Most likely not but it’s still interesting and odd.

Here is a link to The Youngstown Vindicator’s write up on December 17th, 1960.


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10 Things You Must Do When You Visit Warren, Ohio!


Here’s a fun top 10 list of things to do when you visit Warren, Ohio.

10 items   1.48k views

Top 10 Things You Must Do When Visiting Warren, Ohio!

If you grew up in Warren, Ohio you know it. If you visited Warren, Ohio you've heard of it. If you've never been to Warren, Ohio this is the list that will make you want to visit!

10 - Neil Armstrong First Flight Lunar Module

Top 10 Things You Must Do When Visiting Warren, Ohio! | 10 - Neil Armstrong First Flight Lunar Module

OK most of you are to young to remember this but I remember sitting in front of a black & white TV and watching the first landing on the moon. Neil Armstrong's now famous words were, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Many don't know that Neil Armstrong's first flight was right here in Warren, Ohio. Now there is a replica of the Lunar Module sitting right where the airport used to be. A run down area on Parkman Road in Warren, Ohio celebrates the accomplishments of our space travels.

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Fonts! Get Creative!!


Remember the typewriter?  You know, they were a keyboard that you put paper into and there were these “things” that hit the paper and put the font on them.  Back in the day we weren’t too creative.  We had to use whatever font was on that typewriter. Unless we had a daisywheel.  Now a daisywheel you could change out and use different fonts.  So instead of the Helvetica or Courier font you could get a little more creative.  But that was then.


Now we can get really creative.  There are more than a million fonts and more created every day so this is no longer a Times New Roman society.  Now you can use the standards of Jokerman or Kristen to be fancy.  But be careful.  Sometimes getting creative on fonts can make your presentation look amateurish or like a 6th grader did it (but some 6th graders are really creative!)


The point here is with so many choices today make sure that you make the right choices on the fonts that you chose.  Gone are the days of just one font but now we have so many selections and just because you can use a very patriotic font should you?


Or would it look better with a more conservative font?


Now a days it pays to be creative.  Get your spouses advice.  Get your neighbors advice.  Get your bosses advice. (Don’t get you coworkers advice though, they may be bucking for you job!)

Bottom line, have fun and check out all of the fonts that are available.  Then again, it would be hard to go through more than a million fonts!  Here are a few websites to start with.

  2. 100 Must Have Free Fonts

Have fun!!

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I have a friend of mine that refers to some of his friends as Ex-friends.  In other words he was friends with these people and then for whatever reason he is not friends with them now.  Let me just say this, I have had many friends that I have had disagreements with.  I have had many friends that I have not associated with any more.  I have had friends that I have lost touch with.  Would I ever call any of them EX-friends?  Absolutely not.  To be an ex-friend to me you would have to do something extremely drastic like kill my dog.  I don’t want to consider any of my friends EX’s.  I may disassociate myself with them for whatever reason but I won’t call them ex-friends  That’s like saying there is no coming back.  There is nothing that they can do to ever reconcile our relationship and that is just wrong..  How were you ever friends in the first place if you can write them off so easily?  I would hope I would never become an EX to anyone.  That would be sad because it didn’t happen because I wanted it to.  So here’s to all of my friends and I just want to let you know, you will always be my friend.  I will never refer to any of you as EXs!  Love you all!!!

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People You May Not Have Known Are From Warren, Ohio


Here’s the list folks.  The top 10 people (or group of people, you’ll see what I mean) you may, or may not, have known are from Warren, Ohio.

Headline for Famous People from Warren, Ohio
10 items   7.1k views

Famous People from Warren, Ohio

Top 10 list of Famous People from Warren, Ohio.

10 - Randy Gradishar

Famous People from Warren, Ohio | 10 - Randy Gradishar

Gradishar was born and raised in Champion and graduated from Champion High School and went on to play football for The Ohio State University in the early 70's. Former Ohio State head coach Woody Hayes called Gradishar "the best linebacker I ever coached". Gradishar continued football after college as linebacker in one of NFL's best defenses of all time. "The Orange Crush" defense of the Denver Broncos.

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How I Became a KISS Fan and More!


I still remember being a freshman in High School  (I better remember it, I’m not THAT old!). I was in the band and played trumpet. The music that I listen to was mostly pop music, a little bit of rock and jazz. I remember seeing a few of the “POTHEADS” (that what we called them back in the day) in school wearing KISS t shirts and thought to myself, “what is up with these guys?” It was during my sophomore year that I met Paul McGowan who was into some crazy stuff like Alice Cooper, Ronnie James Dio and KISS. I think it was that year that Beth came out and I liked the song. I remember people would talk about KISS and I would say their only good song was Beth (I since have grown to despise that song!). I would even go as far as to say KISS SUCKS . I was in for an eye-opening experience.


One day on the way home from school we stopped at my friend Mark Morrall’s house (God Bless him, miss you Mark!) to shoot some pool. His brother was there and he put on an album. As we were shooting pool I found myself enjoying the music that we were listening to. I asked Mark what  group it was and he said it was KISS! I was blown away. It was the Alive album and we were listening to Cold Gin.


I became a KISS fan that day. Not from peer pressure but from ignorance.  You see, I never gave them a chance and once I was listening to the music without any preconceived notions I liked them. I think that happens a lot in life. We don’t like something just because we have preconceived notions about it. Sometimes we just need to give things a chance and the best way to give it a chance is  to not know that you’re giving it a chance at all! Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.  Here’s me and my friend Paul dressed up like KISS!  Lots of fun!


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Settle this Once and for All!

steven yeun

No, No, No!  Data from The Goonies is NOT Glenn from The Walking Dead!  Yes, he is Short Round but he is not Glenn.  Don’t believe everything that you read on the internet because anything that says he is Glenn it is not true.  Don’t believe me?  That’s fine, you don’t have to.  Here we go.

jonathan ke quan

This is Jonathan Ke Quan.  He played Data in the movie The Goonies.


He also played Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


He has not done any acting since 2002 including The Walking Dead.


steven yeun

This is Steven Yeun.

Steven didn’t start doing any accredited acting until 2007.  As a matter of fact the majority of Steven’s acting career was in The Walking Dead as Glenn.


Just to clear the record Steven Yeun is not Jonathan Ke Quan and Jonathan Ke Quan is not Steven Yeun.

And to further clear the record.

jackie-chan-korea- bruce_lee

Jackie Chan is NOT Bruce Lee

jetli davidcarradine

Jet Li is NOT David Carradine 



budda  muhammad

Buddha is NOT Muhammad

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More than you can handle?


I was going through Facebook today and one of my friends was going through some struggles and was asking for help and prayers to which one of their friends responded, “God never gives us more than we can handle.”  I used to say that too.  But then I thought if God never gave us more than we could handle then why would we need God?  As a matter of fact let’s think about all of those that committed suicide sad as it is.  Did they have only what they could handle?  If they did then they wouldn’t have committed suicide would they have?  They would have been able to handle what they were going through.

The other thing that I don’t particularly care for is when they say God never gives you more than you can handle.  Who says God is giving it to you?  God let’s you make your own choices and lets you go through situations but God wants you to find your way and rely on the wisdom that he has to offer you and has given you through his word.  He wants you to accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and let the Holy Spirit guide your life. In John 16:33 Jesus said “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

We will have trouble, maybe more trouble than we can handle.  But Jesus gave us a command to TAKE HEART because HE HAS OVERCOME THE WORLD.  So realize that we may get more than we can handle.  More than we can handle by ourselves.  That is why God has put others around us and given us the Holy Spirit.  So that when we go through these troubles we can call upon God and he will comfort us if we only believe.

Sounds simple but sometimes it is so hard.  I’m not saying it will be easy.  I’m not saying that I have always been successful.  What I am saying is that God will provide and comfort if we have the faith to depend on him and use the tools that he has given us.  Are you going through a struggle today?  Read God’s word, say a prayer, call a friend or just meditate on the Lord.

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